Online Documents and Hours Management

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Designing, designing and building requires a lot of documents. E-CLIC always saves the updated version of each document in your organization. Finding and accessing AutoCAD or Microstation drawings, building plans, proposals, reports and more is easier, faster and more reliable with E-CLIC.


Storing and analyzing large volumes of documents and information is essential to advocate. E-CLIC automates related processes such as contract approval workflows and its search method streamlines the search work, providing instant access to all information needed to make decisions.

Audit and Accounting

E-CLIC makes it easy to track, verify and ensure the quality and content of a large number of documents simultaneously, controlling deadlines, attachments, versions and related documents, all with restricted access and custom document distribution configurations.


Education sector is the most important in  production of intellectual capital. For the school to focus more time on students, E-CLIC takes care of all documentation, automates controls, helps find documents and registration processes so you can spend more time with your students and teachers.


Activities Workflow


Documents Deadline Controls


Viewing Documents in Browser


Comments and Reviews on Browser


Verification Checklist


Reports and Indicators


Productivity, Quality and Safety: Advantages that make the difference!

Greater Productivity

Don’t waste time with lost documents, obtain more agile information and optimize the performance of the professionals.

Higher Quality

Standardize the process of drawing up documents, identify and eliminate recurring errors and reduce the percentage of corrections.

Greater Security

Define who has access to certain documents, monitor the actions taken and receive alert messages.

All this for less than you might think!

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